This is a list of other ✨things✨ that you can go look at on the internet. From The Small Website Discoverability Crisis:

There are a lot of small websites on the Internet: Interesting websites, beautiful websites, unique websites.

Unfortunately they are incredibly hard to find. You cannot find them on Google or Reddit, and while you can stumble onto them with [the Marginalia] search engine, it is not in a very directed fashion.


If we actually want these small websites to flourish as a healthy community, we need to promote each other much more than we do. It is advertisement, yes, but in earnest. I like it when other people link to my stuff. What sort of hypocrite would I then be if I only ever linked to my own websites?

So, while this list isn't just comprised of small websites, it is stuff that I think is worth sharing to the two whole human beings that look at this site.


Personal sites

lulu's home in cyberspace button owen compher button bikobatanari button The text "cadence now!" on a purple background. There is a moon-shaped logo on the left side and a tiny star in the bottom right. acebit button

Other sites

yesterweb button hotline cafe button

Single pages and articles

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