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A summary of 2021's music

Now 2021 is over, I can do some stats. Or, rather, I can lift some stats from Spotify Wrapped and do some limited stats of my own.

I make a new playlist for each month of the year, each comprised of the new music I'm listening to in a given month. I started this in January 2021 after getting fed up of being scared to add songs to my favourites playlist for fear of not liking them enough. I'm glad to say that this worked out nicely.

During 2021, I listened to a grand total of 83,112 minutes of music, which equates to ~58 full days, or ~16% of a calendar year. Which is a scarily large amount. It ends up as about 3 hours and 48 minutes of music a day.

All-in-all, I listened to 1,760 unique artists in 2021. 16.9% of those artists made it into my monthly playlists in some capacity. My top artist of 2021 was MisterWives, who first showed up on my playlists in May with rock bottom. As it turns out, rock bottom was also my most played song of 2021, with a respectable 69 plays (nice). Machine, another of their songs, was also my second most played song.

Here's some more info about my top artists of 2021:

  1. MisterWives appeared in my May, June and December playlists.
  2. Django Django only turned up in my February playlist - however, they're one of my all-time favourite bands (and is the only band on this top 5 list that I didn't discover in 2021). I'd been looking forwards to the release of their new album, Glowing in the Dark, following the release of their 2020 single, Spirals.
  3. flor was a solid third. They were present on my June, September and October playlists.
  4. Autoheart was another artist that only showed up on my February playlist. Punch is a great album.
  5. Bronze Radio Return was only on my March playlist. The only music of theirs I listened to was from their album Entertain You, and it's a beatiful album. If you only listen to one track from it, listen to The Storm.

And here's my top 5 songs from 2021:

  1. rock bottom by MisterWives
  2. Machine by MisterWives
  3. The Longest Drive by VHS Collection
  4. Visitor by Of Monsters and Men
  5. Let Go by Island Club

Music formed an integral part of my 2021. It's pretty great.

Monthly playlist stats

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A value with an orange background indicates that it's a maximum for that column. A value with a green background indicates that it's a minimum for that column.

Month Total song length (minutes) Number of songs Average song length (minutes) Number of unique artists Number of unique artists per song
January 195.31 49 3.99 47 0.96
February 150.96 40 3.77 38 0.95
March 134.82 34 3.97 33 0.97
April 65.44 17 3.85 15 0.88
May 35.56 11 3.23 10 0.91
June 94.58 26 3.64 24 0.92
July 113.04 29 3.90 27 0.93
August 70.70 19 3.72 17 0.89
September 128.69 35 3.68 32 0.91
October 130.23 35 3.72 35 1.00
November 104.90 28 3.75 29 1.04
December 98.01 27 3.63 25 0.93
Overall 1322.24 350 3.78 299 0.85